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Hello, I'm Yvonne

I am a psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. I practice a multi-disciplined psychotherapy that incorporates the most contemporary methods of Jungian psychotherapy, relational psychology, and psychoanalysis.

I believe that whatever brings you to seek therapy—sadness, loss, anxiety, stress, or relationship concerns—these symptoms are of your deeper being struggling to develop around existing and often blocking beliefs and attitudes. Therapy provides an introspective dialogue, to explore these patterns that get in the way and, as well, discover your strengths. Like the seed of the oak that needs to be nourished into the tree it is to be, therapy encourages the light of awareness to help you untangle from what has so far inhibited you from developing your true self.

Yvonne Smith Tarnas, Jungian Analyst,  PhD MFT
Psychotherapy & Jungian Analysis



Often the therapy consists of more than one method in order to fit a patient’s unique needs and aims. In my work with you, we will explore together your beliefs and patterns that have inhibited you from living the life you are seeking. As a Jungian analyst I pay attention to many different aspects of what you tell me, both past and present,
in the form of symbols and patterns, images and dreams, to assess where your inner self is attempting to grow and be creative. Therapy provides a supportive and collaborative relationship that focuses on you – we observe, clarify, and challenge ideas and internal structures of passivity and attitudes that fear change. Together we focus on what compels and excites and is most alive in you to evoke
curiosity and hope.



Relationships are a rich source for discovering our deepest selves, yet we must often also confront disappointment
and conflicts. Often we do not appreciate the value of our differences, and our beliefs and fantasies interfere with our ability to enjoy one another. 

In couples therapy I will guide you both through a practice of active listening and reflective feedback where I help you and your partner learn how to expand and newly discover your capacity for intimacy. The tools you acquire in your
couples work can be relevant to every relationship in
your life: family, work, and friendships.

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Synchronicity, Intentionality, & Archetypal Meaning in Therapy

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